SJMC To Host Student Journalists From Around the Country

On Friday, July 24, more than 50 student journalists will visit the University of Minnesota School of Journalism & Mass Communication to attend workshops hosted by the National Scholastic Press Association.

Students will attend workshops and sessions at Murphy Hall to learn more about such topics as InDesign, website management, journalistic writing or editorial leadership. The goal of the workshops and classes is to prepare students with essential skills for the 2012-2013 school year at their high school publication.

While attending the workshops, the students will be staying at the University of Minnesota, touring the school's student-run newspaper the Minnesota Daily and enjoying popular tourist destinations, such as the Mall of America.

The weekend-long workshop is also geared toward those who advise student journalists. Sessions on advising are taught by NSPA Director Logan Aimone.

NSPA's headquarters is located at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus. Its mission is to provide journalism education to students, teachers, media advisers and others throughout the world.

For more information about NSPA or upcoming workshops, click here.

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