SJMC Seeks Volunteers to Assess Classes

As part of an ongoing effort to assess the curriculum and learning at the School of Journalism & Mass Communication, the school is asking for alumni, friends and professionals to volunteer to critique and assess assignments completed by SJMC students.

The process is fairly simple. First, those interested in being an evaluator, should fill out this form. On the form, one can identify areas in which he or she is best suited to evaluate student work - from marketing to broadcasting, news writing, editing and more. As evaluators are needed in certain sections, volunteers will be contacted.

The school schedules assessments of a handful of journalism and strategic communication courses per semester. For each course, the school collects one set of assignments - usually about 16 per course - to be evaluated by outside professionals. Three people evaluate each assignment and rate the quality of work on such issues as writing, quality of research, technical skills (for assignments involving photography, design, etc.,) and others.

The assessment process is required for the school to maintain accreditation, and faculty, staff, alumni and outside professionals have been working together for more than six years to develop a sound system.

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