Student Magazine Explores the End of the World

In fall 2012, students enrolled in JOUR 5174: Magazine Editing and Production created FIN, a magazine about the end of the world. Meaning "the end" in French, the magazine's inspiration came from the Mayan prediction that the world will end on December 21, 2012.

FINmagazine.jpgStill reading? Well, the Mayans may not have been correct, but it was still a fun idea for a new publication. "When we were in the process of brainstorming ideas for the topic of our magazine, we instantly fell in love with the concept," said Taylor Selcke, SJMC senior and editor of FIN. "Because it is such a timely topic, we realized that no other capstone magazine class after us could produce a publication on the same topic, which was very appealing."

But the content of the magazine doesn't focus solely on the Mayan prediction, nor is the whole magazine about the world ending. The editorial line-up includes an in-depth look at what the world's four largest religions say about end of the world predictions, a feature about three Minnesotans who have experienced the "end of the world" personally (one was paralyzed, the others lost loved ones under tragic circumstances), a story about people who have made money off of the Mayan prediction, a how-to article on throwing an end of the world party and more.

Students also created a video about the process and creation of the magazine. Watch here.

To learn more and to read the magazine, visit

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