Students Create Campaign for Minnesota Timberwolves

A campaign for the Minnesota Timberwolves created in the fall 2012 Strategic Communication Case Analysis class at the School of Journalism & Mass Communication is now making its way to television.

As part of FOX's Creative University initiative, students created Minnesota Timberwolves campaign concepts and presented them to FOX Sports and FOX Sports North in late 2012. One campaign was chosen and throughout the spring and summer was turned into a commercial for the basketball team.

The campaign, dubbed "Wolves Are Coming" has been teased throughout the preseason and features a wolf alongside images of Minnesota's cold winters that take place throughout basketball season.

"It allowed us to get some real experience and get a lot more hands-on," said SJMC student Kelsey Batkiewicz, who graduated in December 2012 but continued to work on the project. "You can only learn so much in the classroom setting, but we were really able to work with others and real-life clients."

Students in the class conducted market and branding research to come up with the campaigns. FOX Sports and FOX Sports North were involved in the process as clients from the beginning and students gave briefs and updates along the way.

Starting October 30, 2013, the full television sports that includes elements of the students' campaign began airing. The filming for the commercial took place in August 2013 and includes a live wolf in a gymnasium mixed with Timberwolves game footage.

See a behind-the-scenes video where students talk about the experience:

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