Students Attend Magazine Summit with National Editors

More than two dozen SJMC magazine students showed up the morning of Thursday April 17, 2014 for a lively and informative breakfast session -- titled "Would this Editor Hire You?" -- at the Minnesota Magazine & Publishing Association's 2014 Summit & Expo.

Students heard straight talk and advice from Michael Schaffer, editorial director of the New Republic, and Charlene Finck, senior vice president of editorial and content development at Farm Journal Media. SJMC senior lecturer, Gayle "G.G." Golden, moderated the session.

Among the bits of advice Schaffer and Finck offered: master the basics of reporting and writing; develop a broader perspective about the world through reading and coursework in other disciplines; be entrepreneurial about all platforms and willing to learn what you need to know about video, social media and digital graphics; reach out to editors as mentors -- ask them to coffee! -- even if you are an intern; cultivate yourself as someone who has something to say; ask questions (be curious); be professional in all aspects of your life; go the extra mile to do the extra task, especially when you are young.

About a dozen SJMC students planned to attend the full day of the Summit and will have a special mentoring session in a few weeks with editors at MSP Communications.

All this is a part of a special collaboration this year between SJMC and the MMPA.

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