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Children=Future (part 2)

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The pictures above ( in case they are not appearing) are of children, my church, and my family.

The children are initailly what influenced my choice for the trem Project, homelessness and poverty. I am going to be brutally honest and say that when i hear of homeless adults i am not as outraged at the injustice as i am when i hear about homeless children. I believe (as stated in my previous blog) that children dre our future. It is our duty as experienced asults to porvide them with solid foundation, goals, values, tools to achieve them, adn more importantly the hope and encouragement that it is possible. How do we typically go about that? We raise children in homes with family, surround them with friends, give them schooling, etc. When we take those means away and leave our children homeless, how do we expect to achieve our end?

I, of course, was, still am in some cases, a child once. Who i am now and what i believe ( goals, morals, values,etc)
are direct derivatives of the way i was raised. The two other images are representations of my foundation. One is a picture of my church in St. Paul. The other is a photo of my family. i know its a little corny.

These are not only past essentials to my life, but still are. Its these things that i could not live without. If, as a child, you had taken those away from me, i don't know where i would be today.

47% of homeless children suffer from depression and anxiety versus the 18% of other children.

22% of homeless children are separated form their families.

5,000 homeless children die from assault, illness, or suicide a year

We were all children once. We all have different foundations, things that define us. It is necessary that all children have those qualities.