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Marriage amendment defeated in Minnesota

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Same-sex marriage is still illegal in Minnesota, but supporters are still celebrating after Tuesday night.

It's because the amendment to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage was rejected by voters.

"This wound up being one of the most inspirational things that's ever happened in Minnesota," said R.T. Ryback, the democratic mayor of Minneapolis. "Minnesota is going to be the state that's going to show the country exactly what Minnesota values are all about."

Minnesota became the first state to defeat an amendment restricting same-sex marriage.

Despite the high cost of campaigning over the issue--about $15 million combined--it is not expected to disappear any time soon.

Chris Kluwe leaves Pioneer Press

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Vikings punter Chris Kluwe announced he would no longer blog for the Pioneer Press Saturday morning via Twitter.

The decision came after an editorial in the newspaper which seemed to support the proposed marriage amendment in Minnesota. Kluwe is a vocal supporter of gay rights and marriage equality and was not happy with the editorial. According to Kluwe, the editorial was biased under the guise of neutrality.

He tweeted: "I will not abide lying. A stable society has to be built on a foundation of trust, and that editorial just eroded some of it away."

According to David Brauer of MinnPost, Kluwe's articles would often reach six-figure page views. The Pioneer Press will surely feel the loss of the popular punter's exit.

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