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I admit – I have never been a reader of blogs. Okay, occasionally I have stumbled across them when the all-powerful Google Search has displayed them in my results, but I have always felt slightly out of place reading them. Kind of like…I was secretly reading someone’s diary. Stealthily. Behind their back. In addition, I can’t help but have some feeling of displacement when I do in fact read them. It’s almost as if I have been plopped down in the middle of a continuing story. I have to seek out the beginning to find out why I am here and exactly what the heck is going on. Rather unsettling.

But despite these feelings of awkwardness and unease toward blogs, I also have to admit – I have entertained the idea of writing my own. Not really seriously, mind you, but I have thought about it. For a short period of time when I was younger, I used to religiously keep a journal. Each night before I went to bed, I would compose a handwritten scribble of the day’s events (I remember a particularly long entry I wrote in fifth grade when we had a cruel and tyrannical substitute teacher. Oh, the drama.). After I’d finished, I would expertly stash it behind my bookshelf, away from the devious intentions of my three younger brothers. I stopped after some time when I became “too busy? and “too tired?, but I was always amused when I took the time to look back and re-read what I had recorded. It would help me to remember things about my life that I had long forgotten. I enjoyed looking back and rediscovering my childhood self.

Now, I view a blog as a sort of “online diary,? there to publicly document life from anywhere a person is in the world. I would never really expect anyone to read my writings or care about my lonesome thoughts, but I like the idea of having it there to reflect upon – to recall life as I once knew it. As I find myself in a class that directs us to create our own personal blog, I guess today is as good as ever for me to begin.

So here it is. My blog. My life. My chronicles. Brought about through the requirements of Architecture 1701, but spiked with my own random thoughts and ramblings. Read it if you want. Skip over it if you’d rather not. Regardless, it will be here - a document of my trials, tribulations, and mandatory assignments.