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Reading #10

Discussion questions/keywords/summary from/of:

"Mr. Palomar" by Italo Calvino
pages 3-18

Discussion Questions:

1.) What do you picture Mr. Palomar to look like?
2.) What do you think about Mr. Palomar's thought processes?

1.) contemplating - In this text, contemplating is a thought process that requires the "right temperament, the right mood, and the right combination of exterior circumstances."
2.) neurasthenia - I was confused on its meaning, but according to www.dictionary.com, it is defined as "nervous debility and exhaustion occurring in the absence of objective causes or lesions; nervous exhaustion."

The text is very detailed, describing fully nearly all possible thought processes you could have about a certain thing. It follows the character of Mr. Polomar as he tries to observe everything there is to see about a single wave, as he tries to determine the best way to view a naked women's breasts, and as he seeks the true meaning of the light "sword" cast by the setting sun.