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Reading #8

Discussion questions/keywords/summary from/of:

"All you Ever Needed to Know..." by Allan Chochinov

Discussion Questions:

1.) In his "1000" words, Chochinov gives some pretty good design advice. In your experience, is there any advice you think should be added to this list?
2.) Do you feel that teachers and professors here at the University of Minnesota truly are "working for you" and not the other way around?


1.) gossip - Gossip as used in this article is essential to a designer. It is the "word on the street." It is important to get the down-low on different classes and topics that might be of interest/trouble.
2.) "auditing a class" - Auditing a class means "attending a class and doing the reading" but basically not getting credit or doing homework. It is recommended by Chochinov.

Chochinov gives exactly "1000 words" of important design advice in bolded sections. He stresses to:
-pay attention to gossip
-do your homework
-get the most out of your money by putting in extra time for class
-remember that teachers are there to work for you (you already paid, right?)
-work on your speaking/presenting skills
-document/photograph all your design projects/processes
-audit classes
-keep up to date in current news events
-explore design life off campus
-work in groups and cooperate
-and finally, to take any opportunity/job you can get in the design field. The more experience, the better.