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Reading #9

Discussion questions/keywords/summary from/of:

"The Image" by Kenneth E. Boulding
pages 3-18

Discussion Questions:

1.) Boulding says that "part of the image of the world is the belief that this image is shared by other people like ourselves who also are part of our image of the world." What would the world be like if this were not true - if there was no shared image anywhere?
2.) Can you give an example from your life where your culture has a produced in you an image different from another? What do you think could have made their image different?


1.) universe of discourse - This is a term used to describe the growth and development of common images in conversation and linguistic intercourse.
2.) Image - Image is what governs our behavior. It is the image of the world, created by our changing knowledge of things, that we use to guide us through life.

Boulding describes in "The Image" how it is a changing knowledge, contributing to an overall image, that governs our behavior. Behavior depends on whatever image of the world we hold. We are constantly receiving messages from everything around us, but they are not necessarily impacting our overall image because our image is resistant to change. Messages undergo a personal value-check when they enter our perception, and we judge their validity and stability in relation to our previous image. Depending on the frequency or source of the message, it may completely overturn an aspect of our image, induce doubt, reinforce it, or clarify it. Though we all have our own value systems and image of the world, we work with the understanding of a shared reality.