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Blog Prompt #6

Look for and document some examples of presentation/documentation styles that your term project may take as inspiration.

Good Resources include:
CMYK (Magazine)
PRINT (Magazine)
Graphis (Magazine)
Core 77 (Blog)

I scoured the internet for this prompt.
I searched through web page after web page of information on "good presentation design" and "excellent documentation styles."
But I really didn't find much on what I was looking for.

I guess that is because the biggest source of inspiration that I have encountered has been....well....the class presentations that have been given in Professor Saloojee's and Van Duzer's lectures. Yeah, it might sound cheesy, but really, I am not lying. I am not not going for the blog of the week here...I have never seen presentations graphically laid out like that before. In my small town of Hickville, U.S.A., a "well-designed" powerpoint was an oxymoron. No joke. A powerpoint meant slap a picture and some bullets on a slide and leave 'er at that. I was one who always tried to "design" a powerpoint to be aesthetically pleasing, but I didn't really realize how childish and ignorant they probably were until I attended my first architecture lectures. I found their presentations to be clean, concise, and visually appealing. Often, I found myself waiting in anticipation to see what the next image will be and how it will relate to the lecture.


But I really do enjoy the visual aspect of my architecture day.

For our research presentation, I would like to incorporate this "visual" idea. I would like to have some sort of clean and concise imagery with little text (as in class) to go along with our verbal recitations. I want to reinforce what we are saying with the visuals, not blind them with paragraphs of text.