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Today was the day. Presentation Response/Blog Prompt 8 and 9

So..today was our presentation. And I have to say, I am rather sad about it. Our video, which set the scene for the presentation, would not play. That really threw us off because we made such an effort to make sure everything worked properly. We uploaded the video to youtube. Then, I posted everything on my blog. Then, I burned it to a disk. And just in case that didn't work, I saved it to a flash drive. And, after all that work...it didn't work. I was a nervous wreck and I know that it showed. It's frustrating when you know what you want to say and you can't get it out because your nerves jumble everything up and will not allow it (a.k.a. I was a babbling mess). I don't remember much of what I said, but I remember saying something about everyone "wasting time playing games"...(??? I did not mean to say anything like that...) So I am pretty disappointed in myself. Mostly because I know we put so much work into it, and worked so hard to emphasize the importance of reducing child mortality, but it didn't feel like it translated as I stuttered through the information.

I was really impressed by the other groups, however.

Broc and Kelly - I thought they did an excellent job presenting. If they were nervous, it was not obvious at all. Their information was extremely thorough and their layout was awesome. I wish I had their Indesign skills! One thing I found especially interesting from research was the role of text messages in the farmer’s markets, allowing prices to be sent to sellers days away from town. It’s amazing to think about how much this technology has impacted their lives, while in our lives it is something that we may take for granted. I think that the laptop was also a very nice addition to the presentation. Having something physically present as an example of the technologies being implemented in Somalia and across Africa gave a face, in a sense, to the initiative and to your proposals. I was wondering, though…what happened to the Marshall Plan? I know you talked about wanting to discuss it in the planning stages of the project, and I was curious to see how it played in. ☺

Angie, Anthony, and Laura – Wow. You guys did an awesome job. You could definitely tell that there was three people’s worth of hard-core research in it. I think that because you chose to focus on the Minneapolis and Cedar-Riverside in particular, people found your lecture presentation to be relatable and even more understood. In addition, I think all the work you did on sustainability will only help you to become better architects in the future. Congrats!

Michelle and Byron – Once again, wow. Another awesome presentation. It was nice to have a few presentations on Somalia so we could get a perspective on the country through the lens of two different Millennium Development Goals. I thought that everything was very cohesively and that the graphic layout you used was very successful. I really liked how you had some images "greyed" in the presentation, but a few were clearly visible. It was interesting how you changed the highlighted picture as your presentation evoloved. Very good research!

Alyssa and Heidi - I thought that it was great that you guys came up with an actual titled plan to promote gender equality and empower women. At first, I wasn't sure if this was an actual project taking place right now in the Central African Republic, or if it was a new propoal. At any rate, that took a lot of thinking and research on your part. Way to go!

I really enjoyed having the chance to finally see all presentations today. Congrats once again to everyone on a job well-done!