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Reading #15

"The Search for Form in Art and Architecture" by Eliel Saarinen
pages 11-48

Discussion Questions:

1.) How can the search for form be insincere and dishonest? Why?
2.) How would you define something as having strong or weak form? What qualities would you look for?

1.) "form follows function" - This is the idea that if the form of something is practical and functional, it is beautiful already for that sole reason. Aesthetically pleasing form takes a back-seat to functionality.
2.) "realistically imitative form" - This form is brought about from the near replication of something else. Saarinen looks down up this process of "clever reproduction" through the use of style, color, etc.

In this excerpt, Saarinen goes into great depth to elaborate on nearly all issues and details concerning the concept of form in both art and architecture. He discusses threats to form in our present day and principles for effective form analysis.