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Reading #19

Earlier in the semester, I mistakenly blogged on the the wrong readings, so I am going to report on them now!

Discussion questions/keywords/summary from/of:

"Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology" by Neil Postman
pages 3-39

Discussion Questions:

1.) Do you believe that we are the "tools of our tools?" What is your argument for or against this?
2.) What is an example from your life in which a radically new technology has created new definitions of old terms. Can you think of any direct example now? Or do you think this will only be evident years dow the road?

1.) Technophile - A technophile is someone obsessed with technology, who will only see what new technologies can do and are "incapable of imagining" what they can undo.
2.) Technophobe - A technophobe is someone who shuns all technologies and believes that they will cause the downfall of civilization.

In this reading, Neil Postman presents his opinions on technology in our culture. He explains that he is neither for nor against technology, but I get the sense that he has a somewhat negative feeling towards it from his connotations. He discusses the impact of technology on places like the classroom and explains that technological change is neither additive nor subtractive, but ecological. One significant change can generate total change on all levels.