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Class One Blog Entry

This is a different class from what I have become accustomed to at the University, which is a breath of fresh air. Not used to using a blog, so I will be interested in seeing if it will be a useful tool to use.

Big item that I got out of class one is that the use of technology is more than simply providing information and communication means by which organizations and people interact. Information systems can be used to completely re-define the way in which a business can conduct its business.

I become worried that with such a dramatic change in the way that business will be conducted, will many people who are not educated or willing to embrace changes in technology will be left behind as automatic processes and machines will replace many of the manual processes that we have traditionally used.

Thus, I feel that trying to expand my ability to remain relatively current current in the areas of technology and innovation will be a competitive advantage that my company (and myself) will need to survive in the business world.

I am excited to see how this class can "open my eyes" to understand more efficient ways in which to use technology. Many times I feel that I get stuck in the habit of doing what has worked for me in the past when a much simpler and more efficient way can be found to get the same mission accomplished. Look forward to week two and see where we go from here.

DS 06-20-08