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June 29 Submission

Good class again for Monday. Not sure if I buy the five key principles of businesses of the future, but it does get you thinking. Particularly I am thinking about how do we effectively manage change and look for disruptive forces that could affect our business.

While I am not a person who likes to think that the ways of the past are best for the future, I probably do not spend enough time trying to figure out who is out there thinking of a much better way to replace our business. The concept of disrupting the business is something that I will need to add into my visions for our business.

One other item that I would like to think about in class. I am working for a mid-size type of company, although we have a very global focus. While the concepts of globalization certainly apply to large corporations, how should start-up to mid-size companies be thinking about globalization. In those industries where the size of organization will limit the amount of resources available to strategize on global issues, do you have any recommendations on good starting points.