September 4, 2007

A word about parking

No one told me parking was a four letter word. I've worked at five land grant institutions, have been a student at five universities, and have dealt with parking woes for years. But nothing prepared me for the nightmare that is UMN.

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Welcome Me Back

Two weeks ago my family returned to the midwest after 12 years in the DC area. Before that we were in Madison, WI and before that we were in Grand Rapids, MI. Midwesterners at heart and in soul, the recent return, this time to Minnesota, was a welcome change. A bit like coming home. Except that we're making a new home to go along with the new job (I took a faculty position at UMN). New friends, new place to get pizza, new place to get my hair done, new doctors and dentists, new places to walk my dog. Lots new. So, while it is all new, this blog will offer my perspectives about the Twin Cities. Until it feels like I've always lived here. Meantime, please join in. Tell me what its like from your perspective. And help me feel like I've always lived here.

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