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When looking at the multimedia centers from CNN and the Pioneer Press, you see two very different kinds of options. Considering that one site is for a cable news channel and the other a newspaper, it would make sense that CNN's multimedia would be much more prodigious than the Pioneer Press.

CNN offers an assortment of video options on its site, including news clips from its television shows. Surprising to me, the site also has a whole bevy of clips related to popular culture - including topics like "The Best of Conan O'Brien" and "Dancing with the Stars." You also can access segments from their news shows, like Anderson Cooper 360 and The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. On many of its news stories, CNN compliments the writing with video effectively, being that video news is its specialty. You are also given links to news clips similar to that story.

The Pioneer Press multimedia center is much different than that of CNN; it is primarily made up of photo galleries that compliment different news stories. The writing included in the galleries are typically a couple of paragraphs; the pictures are used to further tell the story. It seems that often the writing doesn't actually address the picture; for instance, a picture of high winds on a beach on the east coast of the United States with a couple of paragraphs about Hurricane Sandy underneath. The Pioneer Press's multimedia, as well as its website, is a lot more primitive than CNN's

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Nice work, and it's good that you are doing two sources for your news entries now. You only need to look at one story for the analysis entry. Check the blog assignment sheet for directions. Nice work.

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