Mahamud Omar Guilty

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A federal jury found a Minneapolis man guilty of assisting other local men to Somalia to fight for the terrorist group al-Shabab Thursday, according to the Minnesota Daily.

46-year-old Mahamud Said Omar was convicted of aiding a terrorist group and conspiring to kidnap, maim or kill overseas.

The trial was the public's first look at what has been an extensive FBI investigation of an exodus of 20 men from Minneapolis to Somalia. The government's case was built over a nine day period with telephone records showing contact between Omar and six men who left the U.S. for Somalia in 2008. The men left to join al-Shabab and fight against what they believed to be invading Ethiopian troops in their home country.

Two of those men were University of Minnesota students at the time they left; both are now presumed dead.

The defense team fought with the claim that Omar was a "little man" financially incapable of funding and organizing such an effort.

A packed courtroom awaited the reading of the verdict, which came after a two hour jury deliberation. According to the Daily, Omar remained calm throughout the trail and smiled and waved to his family as he was escorted back to custody after the verdict was read.

His next date in court will be for his sentencing, where he faces a maximum of life in prison.

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