Texas Seeking Death Penalty for Kidnapping Case

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According to an Associated Press report filed in The Star Tribune and Washington Post, Texas prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in case against a Houston woman accused of killing a mother and abducting her newborn son outside a clinic earlier this year, authorities said Thursday.

The accused woman is 31-year-old Verna McClain, who suffered a miscarriage and felt "desperate for a baby," according to investigators. McClain is facing a charge of capital murder for allegedly shooting Kala Golden-Schurchardt outside a suburban Houston pediatric clinic and taking her newborn son upon shooting her.

According to McClain's attorneys, her mental state will be under review.

The Montgomery County District Attorney's Office announced Thursday its decision to seek the death penalty. Lead attorney Kelly Blackburn said his office would not comment on what led to the decision. According to Blackburn, Golden-Schuchardt's family is "on board" with the decision.

The shooting took place outside of Northwoods Pediatric Center about 25 miles north of Houston, where McClain regularly took her three children for checkups. Investigators believe Golden-Schurchardt was randomly targeted by McClain.

Authorities said McClain repeatedly shot Golden-Schurchardt as she was placing her days' old son into her pickup truck. McClain then took the child and sped off. Before dying at the hospital, Golden-Schurchardt was able to give a description of who had shot her and taken her son. McClain told investigators initially that the baby had been left on her doorstep before later confessing.

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