Tiger Woods: His New Image


Charles P. Pierce takes a closer look into Tiger Woods' public image, past, present and future, in his latest article for Esquire.


Over the weekend, Woods ran his Escalade over a hydrant and then into a tree. Woods' explanation of how he ran into two stationary objects and then had to have his wife pull him from the vehicle by breaking the back window with a golf club seemed incredibly implausible.


Woods' story lost even more credibility when he turned away police investigating the incident three times, leading the public to think there was more to the story than he was admitting to.


Woods was already under public scrutiny after the National Enquirer reported that he was having an affair with a "New York society hostess." Such attacks on the stability of Woods' marriage led to speculation that a domestic disturbance of some kind had occurred over the Thanksgiving holiday.


Pierce was not surprised by these recent allegations, and wrote that Woods had an impenetrable cocoon around his persona that made him perfect for "corporate consumption", however, Woods already had the reputation of being a "hound" ever since 1997.


Woods has been accused of having a temper, bribing journalists, accepting payoffs, and employing a "thug" as a caddy in the past.

The more incidents that occur, according to Pierce, the more fragile Woods' public image becomes. There is no question that Woods' career has taken a blow that may be impossible to recover from.


This piece was interesting because the author had written a profile about Woods in which he praised his achievements as a golfer in 1997. This piece, however, has a completely different tone. 


This was an interesting feature. For one, author knew Tiger Woods and wrote in first person throughout most of the feature. This gave a more personal feeling to the article, unlike many of the other stories I’ve read about Tiger Woods. It almost felt as if you were getting an inside scoop to Tiger’s story.

I thought your blog entry was thorough, clear and concise, but I think you could have analyzed the article a little bit more and you could have also provided a link to the previous article Pierce had written. It would have been interesting to see how the articles contrasted each other as you had mentioned in your last paragraph.

I really enjoyed reading this feature. Esquire tends to produce a lot of humor in their articles. I liked the tone of the author. While most media outlets are telling the recent Woods story in shock, this is kind of an "I told ya so" manner. Woods doesn't have to be babied through this ordeal, so I like how this article traces back to the origins of the scandals in his career.

You did a good job in your blog entry of covering the entire article. Your writing was stylistic, but clear. There could have been more analysis though. For example, more on your personal thoughts regarding the article and author, and telling what type of feature it is and why.

Also, not regarding your writing at all, because the text is double spaced, it was a little difficult to read fluidly. Maybe single space it? Just a suggestion!

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