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Female Lion
What the female Lion holds

We went to the Jade Gallery and learned tons of things. Some of which we even got to use outside of the gallery while we shopped to find out if it was real jade or not. Jade also if it is real will make a tinging noise like two china glasses taping together, when hit against each other or taped with a coin. Also real jade has what is called the flower of the jade and if it is not visible it is not real. What the flower of the Jade is is if you look into the stone it is foggy or cloudy and not fully clear. Jade also is a living stone in a way and when you get it and as long as you where it everyday at all times it will turn a slightly darker shade of green.

As Jade ages it will become of higher quality and thus costing more. The older the stone is the more white it is and the younger it is the more green it is. Also the older jade being older is found deeper under ground while the green or younger jade is closer to the surface of the earth.

In china there is no schools for learning to work jade, the only way to learn is from your family. Families will pass down the skill generation to generation and only then do they learn the art. if you are from a family that does not know the art of jade working you can only learn it by marrying into a family that does jade work. Also the work is usually split were the women polishes and the man carves and cuts, however a women can learn to do both as can a man.

Women of the Chinese culture also wear bracelets called bangles. They are made of jade and come in various colors and types. In a family the bangle is something that is passed down from the mother to the daughter because it is more or less a family treasure. If the family does not have a daughter and the mother loves her daughter in-law very much she can pass it on to her. Bangles are put on using a plastic bag and than slipping the bracelet over your hand. It is not going to fall of because of how well it fits your hand and how tight it is to get on.

The lions that are found in many places in and around buildings are actually paired for male and female lions. There is only one way to tell the two apart. The male lion will have under his paw a boulder or ball while the female wil have under her foot the cub.

On May 18 2011

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Kristine: I have a pic just like that! Yay for having fun!

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