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The Temple Of Heaven favored us as the rain predicted did nto happen, clear skies and light breeze made the 78 degrees day a true blessing. The pictures don't show but kites where flying all around the area that added to the natural splendor. The area was very crowded as it was national visitors day. A few hours in the area doesn't do it justice the landscape and grounds would have been wonderful to explore.
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Needless to say after climbing the great wall yesterday, the forbidden city in the morning the temple this afternoon, and the bargain shopping at the Silk Road-Free Market - food was the next item on the agenda. No one could ever say they left the table hungry with the amount of food provided. The Duck platter was cleaned off in no time. JP, Sue, & Lisa joined us. The feast was provided compliments of Mindy- A great full thank you from a hungry and very satisfied group.

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