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Tea Village in Hangzhou

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On May 21, we went to Tea Village called 'Mei Jia Wu Village' in Hangzhou
It was located a little far from the city which was pretty quiet and peaceful.

Even though i enjoy drinking tea, i did not know much about the tea and its plantation and how people grow it.

As a basic information of tea, there are 6 different kinds of tea: Green tea, Black tea, Oolong tea, Dark tea, Yellow tea, White tea. (We had chance to try every different kinds of tea while we were in China)


As soon as we entered the tea village, we saw the farms and mountains covered by tea plantation. A lady from the village taught us that the good tea leaves are distinguished by small and light green color.

These are the steps to make a final tea product

1. Picking the fresh tea leaves
2. Dry in the air
3. First drying
4. Absorb moisture
5. Second drying
6. Dry tea leaves

When it says 'drying tea', people may not quite understand how they do it.


A man uses his hand and dry tea leaves in the hot metal tub.
They told us every kilogram of dried tea leaves contains 72,000 pieces of tender shoots, and it takes 8 hours of drying process to finish it.
It was amazing to see how they really process teas. Then, we went to a small room and tried different kinds of Green tea.


Another lady from the village told us drinking tea everyday helps remove toxins from our body from the food that we eat.
She put some rice inside of a cup and filled the cup with water, then she dropped in some iodine, which every foods contains.
After few seconds, the water turned black, then she filled the cup with tea. All of the sudden, the black water turned back to normal water again.

We were so amazed after seeing how tea actually effects our body and it was enough to make all of us to take out our wallets to buy some of it.

English Corner

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This is Me and Nora, she had stopped Kristine, Alysia, and I and started to talk a little bit of English to us and asking all of us what we were in China for and how long we were there. Nora had asked us if we wanted to come to English Corner and we had no idea what it was, but she said that on Sundays people of all ages gather at this corner where they want to practice their English. So, we went with her and found about 30 people sitting there and all swormed in on us wanting to talk. Everyone was very interested in all of us and also they all wondered how much things cost in America. It was very fascinated to see all these people that could speak English, it was very refreshing to be able to be understood!=]

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