June 29, 2005

June 29th readings

I like the article on Gorilla hinting because I thought it was very interesting how people would even think about eating a gorilla. To me that is like eating a human being. I think they should make it illegal because gorillas donít produce fast enough. I never heard of Gorilla hunting until I read this article. Whoever itís a Gorilla I think is sick because it has too much of a human resemblance. How could you even sit at the table and look at it as you are eating it. Maybe some people just like trying out new thing

I decided to choose Julies paper on High Blood Pressure because I like how she pointed out different points of views on her topic. Although I did agree with her on some of her views. Sometimes I thought she was pretty off topic in what she was talking about. In her paper, she was talking about fad diets more than anything else. Overall, I think she did a good job with getting her point across. There were many things I agreed with and there were many things I didnít agree with.

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June 27, 2005

"Whats in the Meat"

I thought this article was pretty interesting because of the things that were stated throughout the article. The most interesting thing that i saw in the article was when he said in the early years of the twentieth century, hamburgers had a bad reputation and it was considered "food for the poor". I never knew that so that caught my eye as soon as I came across that statement. There were also some things that I thought was disgusting. When they said poorly trained company inspectors were allowing the shipment of beef contaminated with fecal material, hair, insects, metal shavings, urine, and vomit. For a minute that made me feel like I would never eat hamburgures again. But I did hear recently that the meat that is made at some of the fast food restaurants are processed. In my opinion I dont think that is true. I think by reading this article will make me look different about eating meat at fast food places.

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Food Porn

When I thought of food porn I would not have thought of it as in recipe's and dishes. You can also see food porn in magazines and in the food section in a newspaper. Most of the time its like a dish that you never herd of or something that you probably would never consider making. Also didnt know that they spent that much money on food, I think that is crazy. I think some of that money could be used to help hunger in the world. I think that would be for a better cause, that is just my opinion. Overall i thought it was very boring reading this. I couldnt really understand some of the things they were talking about. Most of the food was pretty much like a tease because you couldnt really have it but it sound so good. Mostly on the cooking shows they focus on the upper class more than the lower class people. Most of the ingredients that they use cant be found in a regular grocery store. Only wealthy people would have access to it.

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June 21, 2005

Freeing the world of Hunger

"In purely quantitative terms, there is enough food available to feed the entire global population of 6.4 billion people." I think that is sad if there is enough food in the world to feed the whole population of people, but there is still many people across the globe are going without food. Before we can even think about giving food to hungry people overseas I think we should help our own first. We still have a lot of poverty in the U.S and not a lot is getting done about it. People go hungry for many different reasons. One reason may be because of war, and everything they had was destroyed. Another thing could have been nature. A tornado could have hit and destroyed what they owned and not have a place to stay or anything to eat. Thatís many reasons why poverty can take place in someoneís life. Overseas if there is a drought and their crops cant grow then they are going hungry for several days without food. Thatís all they have to depend on, and when thatís gone there is nothing else left. It is really impossible to feed the whole world, but itís still ashamed just to know that there is enough food to go around.

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June 15, 2005

"Barbeque Jamaican Style"

ďBarbeque Jamaican StyleĒ

I really enjoyed reading this article because it talked about what he experienced when trying jerk. It comes from a Jamaican background, which their food is very spicy. I liked that he tried around different places to taste this jerk so that he could get different opinions on it. He caught my attention when he was willing to visit Jamaica and try different foods down there. It stated that it was served with various Jamaican spices. It also was interesting that he wanted to travel to different places in the U.S. where Jamaicans stayed just so he could try the jerk. In Jamaica, they eat the Boston jerk on the beach while relaxing. I could not imagine as hot as it is down there eating something very spicy on the beach. They state that the jerk that they sell in the states is the cooled-down version of the original. I think barbeque food is the tradition in Jamaica. It seems that the places that are hot, the food always seems to be very spicy. That seems very interesting if you think about it.

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June 14, 2005

Ode and Frank

These two stories are quit unique in their own way. In "Ode to an Egg" The explain the importance of an egg and what it means to animals who have eggs and what humans do to them. It gave many examples on how we just take advantage of the egg and dont even think about the animals itself. Thats just like dinosaurs taking and abandoning their own babies. The style of the stories were quite the same, but the concept of the stories were different as Ode talked about eggs whereas Frank talked more about the person which I thought was a difference between the stories.

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June 13, 2005

Eat something!

1.My favorite food to eat is pasta because of the spices that is added to it to make it enjoyable to eat. it also fills you up, so it does the job. My least favorite food is Pork chops because pork is not good for you and the stories I heard about pork made me think very bad of it. I use to eat it when i was younger but when I heard stories about the pig before they killed it; I will never eat it again.

2.My favorite place to have dinner on a Friday night is an Italian restaurant. I like it because of the atmosphere and how they prepare the food for you. They cook the food right in front of you. They want to show you how it is being prepared and they want to make you even more hungrier.

3.For Thanksgiving my parents try to prepare a soul food dish with a variety of food. The dish will include sweet potatoes, macarroni and cheese, turkey, and mash potatoes just to name a few. The drinks that would be served are water, lemonade, tea, and soda. I prefer drinking lemonade because of the sour taste that it has.

4.The most unusual thing I ever ate was black beans. I just think not to many people have had black beans before. I dont really enjoy them but my mom use to make me eat them.

5.I would say that im not a good cook because my mom would always make the dinner. I never really cooked anything unless I really had to. I would say i was always to lazy to make a descent meal. The most common meal I make is oven pizza

6.My typical weekend dinner would be mostly fast food because there is always something going on so I try to get my food on the run. Sometimes I eat alone or sometimes I eat with friends. Most of the time I try to eat in front of the tv because it makes me feel like I enjoy it more. Either my friends cook or I go out and get something to eat.

7.My mom did most of the cooking when I was younger because my dad was always working. She can also cook better than my dad, but my dad can cook good as well.

8.Most of the food at my home comes from the grocery store.

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