June 27, 2005

Food Porn

When I thought of food porn I would not have thought of it as in recipe's and dishes. You can also see food porn in magazines and in the food section in a newspaper. Most of the time its like a dish that you never herd of or something that you probably would never consider making. Also didnt know that they spent that much money on food, I think that is crazy. I think some of that money could be used to help hunger in the world. I think that would be for a better cause, that is just my opinion. Overall i thought it was very boring reading this. I couldnt really understand some of the things they were talking about. Most of the food was pretty much like a tease because you couldnt really have it but it sound so good. Mostly on the cooking shows they focus on the upper class more than the lower class people. Most of the ingredients that they use cant be found in a regular grocery store. Only wealthy people would have access to it.

Posted by sloa0038 at June 27, 2005 4:40 PM