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Ike Aftermath Devastating for Galveston

As Galveston Island becomes increasingly more putrid in the wake of Hurrican Ike, the thousands stranded there are realizing that the aftermath is far worse than the storm itself, reported the New York Times.
Five people have been found dead, one of whom was discovered in a submerged vehicle. Officials said that more were expected to be found as they continue to search the more flooded areas of the island, particularly on the west end, which city manager Steve LeBlanc has described as one of "horrendous" devastation.
LeBlanc also said that there have been several emergency calls from the west end, but all communication with them has been lost. He is unsure of what has happened to the people out there.
“Galveston has been hit hard. We have no power. We have no gas. We have no communications. We’re not sure when any of that will be up and running,? said Galveston’s mayor, Lyda Ann Thomas. She also announced that no one is to come back to Galveston, as the area is uninhabitable.
Only emergency personnel are being allowed onto the island, and officials on Sunday mounted the largest rescue operation in the Texas history.
Though the city's streets are strewn with debris, stray dogs roam freely, and more than 40 buildings have collapsed, the health hazards facing victims are of utmost concern. The air is becoming foul and is swarming with mosquitos, and backed up sewage is spilling on to flooded streets. A lack of running water and spoiled food is causing illness among residents - the most serious calls being from people suffering from seizures, dehydration, and chest pains. Several elderly people have also reported being low on medication and falling down or being trapped.
The island's primary hospital, the University of Texas Medical Branch, is only accepting the most serious cases. It will not likely be open to general patients for two to four weeks.
Multiple state and federal emergency workers are in Galveston, but they have neither answers nor enough supplies to really do their job.
Gov. Rick Perry also urged those who have evacuated not to return. The bridge leading to the island is expected to remain closed for at least a week.