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Sexual Awakening among Chile's Youth

Despite Chile's reputation as one of South America's most sexually conservative countries, its youth are experiencing a sexual awakening, the New York Times reported.
The increasing popularity of 18-and-under parties and Web sites like Fotolog, which allow people to share photos and organize events, have allowed Chilean teenagers to express themselves sexually in a way that government officials say is unlike anything the country has seen before.
“We are not the children of the dictatorship; we are the children of democracy,? said Michele Bravo, 17, at an afternoon party. “There is much more of a rebellious spirit among young people today. There is much more freedom to explore everything.?
Such means of exploration include competitions to become the “ponceo," or the one who makes out with the most people at any given party - a trend that is included by party music lyrics that encourage teenagers to "Poncea! Poncea!": make out with as many people as you can.
Mario Muñoz, a 20-year-old co-owner of Imperio Productions, which organizes several of the largest 18-and-under parties said that “before, someone would meet and fall in love and start dating seriously here; at a party today, you meet like three people and make out with all three.?
Still, Muñoz insists that parties are good, clean fun. Alcohol is prohibited, cigarettes are not sold, and security guards will throw out any boys whose groping causes a girl to complain.
The parents of these adolescents never received formal sex education, and sex education in Chile's public schools is still lacking. Educators say it is difficult to keep up with the overwhelming amount of sexual content on the internet. Chile's Education Ministry is implementing a new sex education curriculum this year to better protect youth.