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Beheadings in Guatemala Jail Fight

Officials said seven prisoners are dead, five of them beheaded, after a fight between rivial gangs in a Guatemalan prison, BBC News reported.
Reporters who witnessed the incident said they saw inmates at the Pavoncito prison, south of Guatemala City, showing off the heads of some of the dead prisoners.
The riot broke out after a group of gang members was transferred to Pavoncito from another prison.
Acts of violence occur frequently in Guatemala's overcrowded prisons.
It took five hours for prison guards and police to regain control of the prison.
The other two prisoners died at a hospital after suffering gunshot wounds, said Rudy Esquivel, spokesman for the Guatemalan prisons system.
"This is a dispute between prisoners belonging to different gangs, who bring their conflicts with them when they are locked up," he said.
Weapons are often easily accessible to iInmates in Guatemalan prisons, allowing members from rival gangs to continue their disputes behind bars.