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The Minnesota Daily, The Star Tribune, The New York Times and CNN all have stories about the simultaneous same-sex marriage rallies that occurred nationwide on Saturday in protest of Proposition 8. Although these stories are not directly about the homosexual population, the nature of the protests definitely deals with this diverse group. The story does not address stereotypes at all, focusing on the issues that demonstrators were protesting and not the diversity of the demonstrators themselves. It is interesting that this story addresses one of the greatest issues facing same-sex couples today without actually discussing in detail the demographics of the population. Since I photographed the rally that occurred in Minneapolis, I already had a fair understanding of most of the things covered in the article, but it was informative for me to see CNN's national perspective on both the rallies and the issues at hand.

The following is one particularly pertinent quote from the story in regards to diversity: "'It's incredibly inspiring to see people from every walk of life, background, race, religion, creed, gathering here today to really send a powerful and purposeful and peaceful statement to the world,' Jonathan Weber, who helped organize the event, said in Los Angeles."

This focuses on the whole picture of those protesting and not just those who are most influenced by Proposition 8. By including such a quote, the reporter does almost the exact opposite of stereotyping - he highlights the internal diversity of a diverse group. The reporter also includes quotes and arguments from the other side of the issue, which helps steer the story away from being too one-sided.