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Minneapolis Man Did Not Realize Removing Political Sign was Breaking the Law

The Star Tribune reported that a Minneapolis resident who removed a 4-by-8 foot campaign sign on city property at Lake Calhoun on Saturday did not realize he was breaking the law.
The sign that Doug Daggett removed was urging support for a constitutional amendment that aims to increase state sales tax to fund the environment and the arts. It was placed by the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board.
"If my tax dollars are used to promote getting more of my tax dollars, something doesn't seem right," said Daggett.
Several months ago park commissioners voted unanimously in support of the amendment, which could also bring more state funding for projects around the Minneapolis lakes. The commissioners' attorney ruled it was legal to lobby for the amendment.
Commissioner Bob Fine, a lawyer representing the Lake Calhoun area, said Saturday he is uncomfortable with the park displaying the signs. "I don't think it violates a law," he said. "But I don't think it's a good idea."
Fine also said city crews remove any signs political candidates post on city property.
Daggett was suprised to hear that removing the sign himself was not upholding the law.
"If he did that, he's a naughty person,'' said Minneapolis Park Board Superintendent Jon Gurban. "But we're not going to do anything about it."