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Cruise ship strikes ice, stranded on Antarctic coast

CNN reported that a cruise ship with 122 people on board struc ice on the coast of Antarctica Thursday and was stranded, according to officials.
Mariano Memolli of the Argentina Antarctic Directorate told Argentina's TodoNoticias (TN) Television that passengers of the Ushuaia had been evacuated as a precaution by a naval boat and plane that were dispatched to the cruise ship.
Though the ship, carrying 89 passengers and 33 crew members, was losing fuel and taking on water, it was not in danger of sinking, Television C5N reported.
The ship's call for help was received by the naval base in Ushuaia, Argentina. The head of the base, Adm. Daniel Martin, said the passengers were "in a perfect state of health," and were waiting for nearby cruise ship Atlantic Dream to arrive, C5N said.
"The weather conditions are not the best" where the ship is, Martin said. "There are regular winds in the zone with violent gusts." But he said the ship is protected because it is in a strait, and the weather would not affect the arrival of the rescue plane.
Hailing from Panama, the Ushuaia was located approximately 186 miles southwest of Argentina's Marambio naval base in Antarctica.