July 29, 2004

exponential growth

I've broken down well data by county in ArcView. I made some charts of wells per year for the seven counties I'm surveying. The results are quite telling. Here they are:

Dona Anna
Santa Fe
Rio Arriba

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July 23, 2004


I worked on mapping yesterday at UNM. I can do a lot of interesting things with the color coding. I made a map of Rio Arriba County showing the highways, metro areas and domestic wells. The color of the wells corresponds to depth, the darker the color, the deeper the well. Eventually, I'll do this with all seven counties.

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July 22, 2004

Assured Water Supply Draft

Bob Odlan drafted an Assured Water Supply amendment, possibly for a white paper. This seems like a good starting point for anything that may be proposed later.

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July 21, 2004

more survey data

The survey data file has been updated with two new counties, Gaudalupe and Catron. Once you have the excel file downloaded, click on the tab in the lower left labeled "the others". The third tab is the questions.

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July 20, 2004

the survey

One last entry for today. Under the sidebar "County Survey" I've stuck a link for the county subdivision survey spreadsheet. This is an excel file where I have started to enter all the data from the survey done on lot splits done under exemptions in New Mexico Counties. This file will change regularly, and perhaps I'll make it prettier and easier to read in the future. The long term goal is to recieve and compile data from every New Mexico county (fingers crossed). Sandra may be taking over spreadsheet duty when I leave.

**If you use internet explorer, you may want to right-click and do a "save as" as ie can be funky sometimes.

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After a lot of html hacking, I got the links sidebar all filled up. These are all from my bookmarks and encompass almost all the information I have from my work so far.

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This is the beginning of a blog I hope will help myself and others to keep track of the links, documents, and collected data that I have accumulated this summer (2004).

For my own purposes, I hope to keep all this info organized so I can use it in possible future papers. I also hope to keep abreast of the changes in New Mexico law regarding subdivisions and domestic wells, as I feel personally involved now.

For others purposes, I humbly suggest that this blog may serve as a clearinghouse of data and links that took me almost the first month of my internship to accumulate. Hopefully they can be used in the future (for good, not evil) and help bring about some harmonious planning solutions that benefit us all! If you already know all this stuff, don't be shy, use your vast wisdom to tell me something I don't know.

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