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Example Posts

I've written some sample postings (here, here, and here) to show what I'm expecting in these postings. The first is a response to a news story, the second to a blog entry, and the third a commentary on the Strib's myVote site. Again, as long as the content of your post relates to politics in some way, the range of acceptable material to blog about is very wide. In addition to simply discussing news items, for example, you could also:

  • Attend a guest lecture on campus and write about it.
  • Attend a political rally, protest or candidate debate and blog about it.
  • Read a journal or magazine article, or even one of the unassigned chapters in one of our books, and write about it.
  • Go vote in the primary or general election and blog about your experience.
  • Attend a meeting of a campus civic or political organization and write about your experiences.
  • If you see a movie or something on television that makes you think about our class material, write about it.
  • If you have an interesting conversation about politics with a friend or a family member, write about it.
The sky is the limit really. The point is to try to apply the theories and research we discuss in class to real-life situations.

As these examples also illustrate, the categories I've created are just general guidelines. Some things will fit into several categories, other topics will be kind of a stretch to fit into any of them. That's okay: just pick whatever it fits best. The goal of the categories is just to help keep things organized and make browsing through the entries easier, not to limit what you can or cannot write about. If you can think of a category broad enough to encompass many entries that I haven't thought of, let me know and I'll think about adding it.