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2006 Racism in America

According to an article found on CNN, a Louisiana, white bus driver, was suspended due to the cause of ordering nine African American children to sit in the back two rows of the bus. Jarvonica Williams, age 16, was one of the children ordered to sit in the rear of the school bus, she stated, "..the bus driver allowed many white students to have seats all to themselves while some blacks were forced to stand or sit in others' laps." Why did this happen, and what were the words of the students as this event unfolded? Iva Richmond is the mother of 2 children who rode that bus, she says, "..they previously had a black bus driver, but their bus assignment changed this year. When school started this month, the white driver told them she had assigned them seats with the black children at the back of the bus." There were complaints brought to the principal and to the parish school officials but, apparently, the bus driver was only given suspention without pay. The investigation is still on going...

I decided to write about this article because it is very interesting that in this day in age there is a continuation of racism still being spread throughout the country even after the Civil Rights Movement. The United States of America is a country that is suppose to give all people, regardless of race, age, and gender, to have everyday freedom in their lives. America is called the "melting pot" for a reason. Every person in this country counts...If the Civil Rights Movement would had never of happened, as I see it, America would not be what it is today, a free and democratic nation, giving equality to all race, ethnicity, and gender. African Americans also make up quite a large percentage of this country and can have a great effect on it when taken to the voting poles, community meetings, or other decision making. In addition, racism may also lead to declination of public participation aswell. Today we can still see that everyone has their own clicks, for example, in schools you may see white mingling with their own, african american, latino, etc in their own group too. This is also occuring in chuches as well. There are still today, white/black churches giving these separations between communities. Racism obviously exists in the present day, as we can see from the article, and no one will be able to get rid of it. Keep an open mind about how strongly discrimination can affect a country and how great the influence race has on America.


i think that there is still racism in america. and that if we could get rid of it the world would be a much better place to live, but no one is ever pleased.