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Blog Notes

Sometime this weekend, you should receive an email from me with a grade and some comments on your first blog posting. Like I said in class today, you'll have a chance to edit it again before we grade your first batch of three entries - which is due next Thursday, by the way. The revisions have to be substantial - not just fixing a typo or two though. Just be sure to note in the entry that you updated it (see the entry I wrote about McAdam below for an example).

In the meantime, if you're still not sure about these things, you can always check out the examples I've written as well as the following excellent entries written by your classmates:

  • Sadia writes about a neighbor's sudden conversion to political campaigning and the questions this raises for her about why people support the candidates they support.

  • James writes about the tension between students and residents in the neighborhood he lives in, Marcy Holmes.

  • Kimberly notes an interesting attempt to redesign suburban homes in a way that will encourage community, but then points out some reasons we should be skeptical of how big an impact these changes might have.

  • Sam discusses the relative lack of attention given to deaths in Iraq compared to the coverage given to celebrity gossip - and the disturbing class and racial biases that seem to exist in this coverage as well.

Jeff and I will also be updating the Events Calendar in the next few days, so keep an eye on that if you're looking for stuff to write about.