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do media monsters devour diversity?

The article “do media monsters devour diversity?? goes against most liberal beliefs about how the consolidation of media leads to less diversity. Diversity, according to the article, expressed through format, demographics and ideas is actually facilitated by media conglomerates in some respects. For example, it explains that competing stations in the same market will cater their programs to the majority whereas if those three stations were owned by the same company, there would be no reason for competition but incentive to diversify instead in order to accommodate different audiences.
This was a very insightful article on the issue of corporate monopoly. It makes us realize that diversity in content is not an issue because corporations are acting on their own personal interests. If the trend of merging corporations continues instead of trying to find ways to battle the giants, it would be more effective to get a better understanding of how the interests of independent and/or local business could fit the interests of corporations or vice versa.