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Lecture notes & "Display Name" warning

Just a few quick notes:

  • I really appreciated how well today's class went: the willingness of people to talk and participate, the range of thoughts and ideas shared, etc. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the semester.
  • I've posted the lecture notes from today's class in the Student's Only section of the site. For those of you who just added the class today, I realized I forgot to give out the username and password for this section of the site today. Send me an email and I can give it to you.
  • When you try to change your "Display Name" for the blog (as described in the How to Blog posting), you'll get an error message after you click "Save." Ignore it. It has in fact saved your Display Name change. To verify this, you can log out and log back in, return to the Author Profile and make sure the new name is in place.