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North Alaskan Slope

An article by Joel K Bourne, Jr. called “The Alaskan North Slope? was recently assigned in my biogeography class. This article spoke about the interests of the big oil companies, wild creatures, and the native population colliding in the largest U.S wilderness known as the North Alaskan Slope. There were many advantages and disadvantages that these oil interests brought into the area. First, according to Bourne’s article, “The activity provides jobs for some in the village, but locals claim it’s also pushed the caribou away, forcing them to travel ten or twenty miles farther from home to find meat for the table.? The activity that Bourne refers to is the oil drilling in which oil companies bring into the area, thus providing jobs for the native Inuit, bringing economic prosper to the United States. On the contrary, many of these oil companies, for example, ConocoPhillips, a major oil company mentioned in the article, have drilling sites along main rivers and freshwater lakes in the North Slope area. Many oil spills have been recorded throughout history; an estimated 200,000 gallons of oil are lost each month, which then, leak into the rivers, destroying all environment and villages along the way.

Joel K. Bourne’s article, “The North Alaskan Slope? can relate to the class discussion about globalizing production in the way that corporations such in this case, oil companies, wanting economic growth and profits off the land; not thinking about the environmental destruction. Competition is also another factor that comes into play with major corporations, for example, the auto industry. The competition among the auto industry world leads to the fierce competition among oil corporations such as ConocoPhillips, thus brining rise in oil and its prices. The topic of “oil shortage? is also brought up in discussions as well. America is one of the top “gas guzzling? countries in the world today, forcing us to think of different ways in which we can produce oil, being environmentally safe, within our own country and being less dependent on foreign oils.