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Online Audio/Visual Resources

In addition to attending events and writing about news items and personal experiences, one good resource is television and radio - and so much of this is online and accessible anytime now, it's even easier.

Here's a list of online audio/visual resources you can use when searching out material to write about. I discovered podcasts myself about a year ago and have since subscribed to several and listen to them on the lightrail & bus on the way to and from campus each day. Consider doing the same - it's a great way to keep up on things by "multitasking" during otherwise boring task. Here's a few specific resources, and more will be added as Jeff and I find them. If you've got any additions of your own, click on the "Comments" link and add it yourself.

  • iTunes Podcasts - if you've got iTunes on your computer (it's free), go to the iTunes Music Store and click on the Podcasts link. Under the News category, you can find loads of good podcasts, from major news outlets like ABC, CBS and CNN to lots of smaller independent podcasts.
  • NPR Podcasts (Link) - On Point, Talk of the Nation, All Things Considered...NPR has lots of programs that deal with politics and society. (In fact, they have a page actually called "Politics & Society", though you don't have to limit yourself.)
  • Network podcasts - CBS podcasts, ABC podcasts...all have them now.
  • Frontline (Link) - Frontline puts many of their episodes online for free, video and all. Lots of them would be great material for class blogging.

This list will grow as we find more. Enjoy!