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The Insincerity of Politics

The fifth anniversary of the suicide attacks on American soil that claimed the lives of 2,973 people just passed, and as such it was of consequence that a remembrance be paid for such. A speech was given by the President to honor those whose memory we commemorated. The speech commenced with a significant majority not dealing with those who we remember, but instead being devoted to partisan policies currently being carried out around the world. This speech ended up being a response to the major problems facing the United States in Iraq due to the massive occurrence of sectarian violence. Around the media circuit, talks are of civil war in Iraq based on the rise in death rates in specific areas such as Baghdad. The coupling of these policies with an emotional day such causes a portion of the populous to understand constructive discourse that disagrees with such policy to be contrary to the positive remembrance of those who died on September 11th. With the midterm elections not far off, this seems an attempt to strengthen the Republican candidates in their races for national office.

I find extreme fault in the doctrine of a “War on Terror� that America is to carry out and win. Incidentally, the War on Terror was the main focus of the speech the President gave. When the question is asked “who this war is being fought against,� the current administration would answer “terrorists,� but the term “terrorist� is very general. Unfortunately, in our present situation, terrorist does not solely refer to “Muslim Extremist.� We need only look to the past conflict in Lebanon to see that Hezbollah was not an extremist group independent of the populous, but was a group of the people who fought for the people. The people constitute these groups are civilians. This is why when we look at Iraq, there are so many trials facing our occupation; we are not fighting an army, we are fighting a movement. All it seems to take to fuel the flames of this movement is to continue with an attitude of aggression. We must take the high ground and show the extremists for what they are by going much farther out of our way than the blunt arm of the military is capable of. We must give the disenfranchised legitimacy by listening to them and demonstrating that we have a sincere desire to help before they feel a need for extremism. Unfortunately the current administration feels less of a need to demonstrate sincerity towards these people than it does to further its political policies. Put yourself in the shoes of a youth who has lost family and friends at the hands of a freedom that was imposed simply to appease the tensions of the wealthiest nation in the world. From this standpoint, listen to Bush’s speech and try to find a glint of sincerity towards any past wrongs. http://www.cnn.com/2006/POLITICS/09/12/911.politics/index.html