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Changing 2000yrs of religion over night?

After living in Iraq for 18 months with the Iraqi army I learned a lot about religion from another perspective. Could you imagine your whole life revolving around religion? I know I could not, but this is how it is there. There priorities are: 1. Religion 2. Family 3. Self. Where as I would say it is safe to say that many Americans prioritize 1.Self/Money/Success 2. Family 3. Religion. Almost opposites from each other. One of the things that I was suppose to train these men over there was to have no religious biases when working for the army. Imagine trying to tell a country with 2000+ years of history where religion is their driving force to everyday living that they cannot express it. This was hard for me and others to do since we would think to ourselves, "Who am I to tell these men when they can or cannot portray their religious beliefs."

Thinking back to class and the chart on multiculturalism, I don’t think that the US is all that multicultural at least in a single cohesive sense. I see it as a bunch of cultures that tolerate each other and accept a given set of societal norms or people would not want to come here. I see the U.S. as a religion refugee camp. Here people don’t go out and kill each other because they are one religion or the other. On the other hand the Iraq situation is just the opposite. Either you believe one or the other and you are considered the enemy or lesser people and if you are an extremist within your religion then you would kill the “non-believers?. One question I thought of when writing this is, How does one of the youngest nations in the world become a world expert on how an “ideal country? is run?