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Ellison is a Muslim?

We all know who Keith Ellison is by now and we know that he is the first Muslim to be elected to the United States congress. He is also the first African American to be elected to the house of representative from Minnesota but it seems that the media is only concerned about the man’s religion. It has been pointed out over and over again that if he wins he would be the first Muslim to do so. Even as I was watching his victory speech, I noticed that the reporters kept mentioning the fact that Keith Ellison was a Muslim and little reference was made about his race. And I wondered why did it matter whether he is a Muslim or not?

During his victory speech, Ellison states that his main concern was the community and religion had little to do with it. Nonetheless, while he was giving his speech, the most amazing thing happened, the people behind him started chanting “Allahu Akbar? which means “God is great?-(to show that one is grateful and blessed by God). At this moment I realized that Ellison despite his main concern, has changed history, along with his supporters he has opened a door to countless of individuals and now Muslims can actually have a voice in congress. Maybe religion does matter and whether or not w trust the media shouldn’t be a problem as long as we make an impact-change history, make a a goal for ourselves and deal with things in a rational way. But I still wonder, on whose best interest is the media looking after?