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Globalization - A Necessity for Every Country and Business.

In another one of my classes we are currently on the topic of Globalization and the pro's and con's of the ever-changing and developing world. I found an article about British controlled companies caught in a conundrum on whether to remain privately owned or sell out to internationally run organizations or American organizations. Many believe that the open-market and free trade are revolutionizing the industrial world and they must not be left behind. While others believe that these Multi-National Organizations pinch every dime they can out of various companies while producing inferior goods because they have a lock on the international market. It is a debate that can be argued both ways but most see that nations with open economies prosper vastly greater than those that have a closed economy. It is a matter of how a country perceives itself in the realm of world and how they can generate a profit by going in a new direction or continuing with their old plan.

I am in favor of globalization because I believe it helps extinguish primordial conceptions of third world countries. Of course I subscribe to the definition of Globalization as the development of a country to make possible international influences or operations. I believe that a country has every advantage to be an open-market with the financial backing of America or NPO's or MNO's. Third-world countries have a chance to prosper for themselves if they are conditionally better at making a quality good that the world needs and wants. Technology is the future of this world and the recent globalization phenomenon is helping to develop very rural cities in the Far East and African nation's so they can enhance their way of life and develop into a contributing force on the international front.



Well written, however I tend to think that a better way to extinguish primitive conceptions of third world countries by Americans is for Americans to go read a book or something, as opposed to large financial institutions run by wealthy white westerners telling these third world countries how to run their economies, with often disastrous effects on the normal people. In a way, this just enhances the view of them as being primitive, since it's just a bunch of white guys in suits coming in to "save the black, yellows, browns" and so on.

And with one blanket statement in which you cite 'development' of rural countries, you completely ignore all of the people, from the Zapatistas and Oaxacans fighting against globalization, the mass farmer suicides in India, Africans fighting for their rights to generic drugs to fight AIDS, as well as countless riots on all continents, including the streets of our very own Seattle. When you have normal people all over the world risking everything to fight the ideology of large western businesses and governments, there's surely something a lot more complicated and controversial than what you've laid out here.

The Fourth World War is a very good movie telling the globalization story from the people who are supposedly to be "helped". It's worth watching, although it can probably seem a little propagandaish to people who don't subscribe to the viewpoint, the stories it tells from movements around the world will hopefully at least present you with an alternative point of view.