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Internet vs. Televison

I chose to compare two different sources of the media the television and the internet. I went to the CBS website and I also watch FOX local news for one hour. I am very interest how the internet has taken over our outlet of news. It has becoming more and more popular for people to search in the internet for news. The television presents theirs views, while the internet has multiple views. The most interesting things I found out was both of them have more similarities than differences and the internet news make us less interactive with other people.

CBSnews.com internet source
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Watch Video: kidnap in Baghdad- many professor were killed since wars, students were afraid to attend class

Articles Read:

5mins-South American approve gay marriage- base on their constitution they don’t discrimination gender, race, sexual orientation, culture. Civic and religious official can denied it base on moral ground. Officials’ afraid there would be retaliation would happen for those people that approve of the marriage.

5mins. “Britney Spear sex tape?- It was alleged she and Fredeline made four hour sex tape. Federline threaten to expose it if Spears did not agree to the demand. He wants 30 millions dollars and full custody of the kids. A company willing to pay Fredeline %5

5mins : Poll: most people are happy of the outcome of the of election, many don’t think the white house and the democratic won’t get along, and no changes will be done

10mins- election results- maps of united state, click in the state for more information, list results by Senate, House of Representatives, governor

5min- “Microsoft Zune?- It’s a product that will compete again Apple iPod. It cost $250 for the 30GB, it is same price as the iPod. It is bigger, thicker, heavier, and less attractive than the iPod. The attractions are it have built in FM and share one Zune to another if they are in the same room. Critics predict iPod will still dominate even if Zune out came

10mins in entertainment section gossips-advertises DVD movies also in the section

“Quitting Smoking May Not Add Pounds?- Researchers have research for over twenty years for 5000 participate to see if there is any long term affect of smoking on weight. They conclude smoking in the long term does not have an affect on weight. Some women smoke because they want to lose weight and afraid to quit because they might gain some weight. In short term this will happen, but long run your weight will stabilize.

15mins: “Memory of Murder?- Joan and Peter was attacked by an ax. Circumstance evidence shown there was no break in. The Police believe it was someone they know. The investigator asked Joan was it her son Chris who attacked her and she nod while in grievous injury and her husband was dead. After she woke up in the hospital she does not remember what happen and denied her statement. She and her family members believed Chris did not do it. Chris had no alibi, he claimed he was sleeping in the dorm with his frat brothers. They don’t remember seeing Chris. His car was spot leaving the school campus. The Porco neighbors claim to have seen Chris car the night of the attack. There was no blood found in Chris body. The police claimed because he worked in a laboratory setting, he knows how to not contaminate himself. The juries found him guilty of circumstantial evidences. The jury declared they dismiss the “nod? statement, they believed she did not know what she is nodding for and they found him guilty because of other evidences.

Fox news 9:15PM to 10:15PM News Anchor: Robin Robinson, Jeff Passolt
14-19A elderly man from Wisconsin got lost. He travel 700 miles into Minnesota. Wanye Wolf was supposed to make 50 mile round trip. He wanted to head east, but he traveled west. He wanted to go to his granddaughter school. His family was worried. He called him saying he was lost. From St. Cloud he went to Bemidji. His family wanted to get him, but he said no. He went drove straight for 20 hours. He got Transient Global Amnesia. He stopped at a gas station, the clerk thought something was wrong, and called his family. He stay put and his family picked him up.

Upcoming stories-Zune and storm, wild video

21-commercial Bones TV show
23-funding education in Minnesota
24-car Audi

24 major storm in Colorado, plane crash in Las Vegas
25-police car chase in Colorado, drunk driver crash in
Deer smashing through a bank in Pittsburg

Upcoming-controversial painting, pee wee punches
26-commercial The Fountain movie
27-infiniti car,
28 Comcast cable, KS95 94.5 radio station
29-McDonald, Country financial service

30-33-Kennedy Painting-JFK painting will be in St. Paul cathedral. Mark Drama was the artist. Paint the moment the president was shot. The exact scene was accurate. Kennedy was in the arms of his wife.
37-gas high through Thanksgiving avg. 2.20
Metro Transit-Go-to Cart-put money ahead, and touch pad the card,
38-Travel rules, 3 oz liquid, 1 quart size bag, 1 bag per traveler, travel early (3-1-1)
39-back pain, compress the nerve in the spine, x-stop treatment, the patient feel better,

40-Upcoming-black Friday ads, camp out three days for ps3,
41-Borat movie commercial, Toyota car
42-Best buy deals, AsGrow
43-Grand Casino
44-Kraft, Ford, Brookdale Mall
45- Appliance Smart

45-Safe Zone funding
46- People start shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Ikea want to book entertainment for the store.. Black Friday Ads for early bird special. Best Buy does not like the ads to be leak out. One reason is competitors another is it might not be accurate.
47-Microsoft version of iPod is Zune and the price is the same, people get in line to get PS3,
50-Americal Idol Bucky is done with the tour, now in Nashville recording his album.
51-vilolent outburst in the field game

52-Deck The Halls movie commercial
53-Subway, Accord, Menards

55-Timerwolve vs. Portland, The Timerwovles did well and wins the game
57-ice hockey news, wild score is 3 to 2
58- Football news
58- Women Gopher basketball news, Gophers won 78 to 66
59- Men basketball news, couple agree to said their vows in front of the jackpot they won
00-Thief of Hearts- Bronson McNeal stole women heart and stole her money. Women are well educated, middle class, and in their mid 30’s. He is good looking and sweet talker. He met them through the internet. Their dates were in the casino and he borrows money from the women and gamble. Beside the money he treated the women well. Four women file civil suit against him.
04-In Wisconsin a teenager knock the homeowner down and threaten his own life. The police throw gas in the house.
05-“Body Worlds, smoking warning?. See human bodies and see what damage it cause. Some people were touch by it and custodian found cigarettes being throw in the trash.
08- Rep. Olson was accused of abusing his wife
09- Kidnap in Baghdad- many were released and killed
Poll-war is the most important issue right now

12-car soup

13-17-In Hennepin Hospital about twenty languages are spoken especially in maternity ward. The interpreter helps them translate to the patients. Doctor tried to communicate to the patient but could not get anywhere. There are also culture differences. The interpreter have joys and sorrow times. There goes everywhere they are needed. The budget for interpreter this year is 3.5 million. A law suit in miscommunication can cause millions.
18-20 weather


CBS website is own by Viacom. There are many authors in the website who wrote these articles and many others who are also news anchor who report news. These authors are contract with CBS. Internet news is intended for everybody. There are many sections that have a lot of subjects people can search any news they want in it. CBS started in the late 1920s. At one time it dominated the radio news station. In the 1940s it started doing television news and now it is the top 3 broadcasting news in the United States. Taking advantage of the internet CBS post their news online for their viewers to read if the viewers don’t time to watch television. CBS audience tends to be older age range.

Fox news is own by News Corporation. It got started in 1986. It viewers are more in the 20-30 ranges. The news anchors for the news are Robin Robinson and Jeff Passolt. They reports local news. Fox lag behind in viewers behind ABC,CBS, and NBC. They do not report international news. They always tried to pull more viewers. Fox network has good and bad years of viewers. They tried to be diversifying by having white and black anchors.


What I found most interesting the internet and the television has more similarities. The internet reports the same type of news as the television, but just more. The television and the internet have two same news stories which were the kidnapping story in Baghdad and the Microsoft Zune. Both of them have a poll relating to the government and sport news. The internet reports news by those articles and the television way is by talking. Both news outlet are own by big corporation and are under their control and approval. They are not as flexible opinion as I thought it would be. Both of them seem neutral in their opinion which is a good think because they should not be bias in anything, they are there to report the news not to impose their views on us.

People who get their news from the internet might be people who don’t have time to watch television and the internet is one second away from the news. The can search any subject they want. When I was reading articles in the left side of the screen they would have links to other relating articles. I can also choose segment of the video clips to watch. The advertisement is on side of the page so people can chose to be interest in the product or not be interest. When watching television news people have to watch the commercial; the news I watch they have 17 minutes of commercial. The television report the weather which CBS website did not, but people can search for the weather in the internet. Television news seems more personal and touching. I was touch by the story of the elderly that was lost in Minnesota.

In the beginning of the assignment I assume internet news is better, after doing the assignment I think there are pros and cons to both of them. Usually internet news people do it individual, where else television news might be a time for family to interact with each other and discuss what they think about the news. For the past few years I get my news by the internet and yesterday I was watching the television for news with my family I realized I miss having that kind of interaction with my family. Technology made us interact less with other people like Putnam wrote in his book.