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Media Journal follow-up

On the grading sheets for your media journal assignments, I referred to the fact that I'd be posting links to some examples of great media journals on the blog. Unfortunately, I dropped the ball on this and am just now getting this post up: I apologize.

In particular, I want to point out a few people who did really great work on parts of the assignment that were difficult for others. For example:

  • Context: This was hard for people. A few of you just didn't do it, and many of you focused too much on a "names and dates" history of the organization, instead of focusing on the sorts of things sociologists think of as "context" (organizational structure, institutional culture, economic & politic environment, etc.). Of course, many of you did a good job on this as well! In particular, Brian and Steve did an excellent job, so check their papers out.

  • Chronicle: The goal of this section was to provide a rich, detailed description of what you read/watched/listened to. (In hindsight, perhaps I should've simply called it "Description"...) The best media journals are those that actually leave you with the feeling that you'd done the observing yourself: pointing out the tiny details as well as describing the big picture. For a few good examples see: Katusa, Sam, Vi, Bobbie-Jean.