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Dancers in the Midwest: Story Idea # 2

There are a lot of great dancers that come from the Midwest. However, in the dance world, a lot of the major dance career oppurtunites such as; professional dance companies, back-up dancers, celebrity dance choreography, and dance schools, are locaked on the east and west coasts. I would love to write a story about the midwest dance region. As a dancer, I think that it is interesting how a lot of great professional dancers come out of states such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. It is even more intriguing that most of these dancers have to move out to the coastal states, to make a career for themselves. Why do almost 45% of professional dancers come from the midwest?

For my sources, I would go to the Summit Dance Shoppe link, along with the midwest dance connection site. I also know a lot of great dance instructors and dancers who I could get a lot of information on this topic.

What is the difference between a professional dancer and a skilled dancer?
Why do you think parents push kids into being dancers in the midwest?
What is the status of a dancer, and how do you live up to yours?

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