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150 Civilian killed in Mogadishu


"More than 150 civilians were killed and nearly 200 others were wounded in the five-day heavy fighting ragging in Somalia's capital of Mogadishu between insurgent fighters and Ethiopian and Somali government soldiers, said hospital sources Monday." The fighting has been happening in the northwestern part of the city where artillery and machine gunfire have been happening. In the past five days, about 157 civilians have died and 196 civilians have been wounded.
--Pros:This story is well developed and well-researched.
Challenge: I think that the reporter was challenged by putting together the story structure. There are a lot of facts that needed to be in this story. Choosing the right ones would be a challenge.


In comparison to the last story, this story written by the Shabelle news Dept, was written in a story-telling style. The other article was a lot more newsworthy. This article could be published in a magazine, due to its writing style.
I think that the Shabelle news Dept. was challenged with giving this story a "newsy" edge. However, I enjoyed this story a lot more than the last article, because it was easier to read and more enjoyable.