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Family killing family


"Effingham County Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie said police arrested a 16-year-old boy and charged him with felony murder in the death of his eight-year-old brother in Savannah, Gerogia." Mitchell Kyle Bieber stabbed his mother, step-father, and younger brother. The mother and step-father are now in critical condition, but the brother died.

After a twelve hour manhunt, Bieber was found near his home. It has not been stated why Bieber caused harm to his family memebers. Bieber is in the Effingham County Jail.

--Pros: The subject of the story was given without any irrelevant information given.
--Cons:: This is a serious story, but there are not a lot of details on the murder. Specific quotes would have added to the story.
--Challenge: The reporter must have been challeneged by keeping the story so short. He must have had a lot of infromation that he didnt use.

Adnan Mehmood has admitted to kildding both of his parents and five of his siblings. Police found skeletons of the victimes in the ground of Mehmood's home in Pakistan. Mehmood told police that he killed his family members because they were involved peverted activity. Police say that Mehmood was laughing and smiling while telling plice what he had done.

"This is the most horrific incident I have come across, as the killer does not appear to have an iota of guilt," investigating officer, Munir Ahmad Chishti, told Reuters.

This is the sickest story that I have ever heard. I can not believe that anyone would ever consider killing family. This world is a crazy place.
Pros: Unlke the other family-related murder story, this story was very informative. The reporter gave information on all of the relevant issues of the story.
Challenge: Details were very important in this article. The reporter must have been challenged to keep all of the information straight, without any fact errors. Summarizing the information must have been difficult.